March 03, 2020 3 min read

I came to know of Hoa in late 2019 when she asked, if we might stock her recently self-published book collection under the name Pen-Haus. She opened up her book, revealing incredible line drawings of women’s bodies, fierce, sexy and poetic.  Like the artist herself, the work was beautiful and portrayed an underlying message of unapologetic sexual self-care and determination.  I loved it and her instantly, not to mention the oversized tie-dyed sweatshirt and naval officer’s jacket she was wearing. She had me at Hello.


You may have seen Hoa’s Titty and Booty books in our shop, or her business cards with a cut-out T & A.  But if not, I can assure you that the visual and written artistry leave you wanting more and wanting to know more about the person behind the work.  So we asked Hoa to show us more and to give us a deeper glimpse into her story and the series she created for CURA called Booty Calls.

Hoa, it’s obvious you are multi-passionate and multi-talented, so naturally we’d like to know what’s your sign and how does it influence who you are as a person and an artist?
I am a Scorpio with a rising Gemini, meaning I’m extremely passionate and competitive about everything I do.  I can be moody, mysterious but also an extremist.  I love the far ends of the spectrum for example, I want either BLACK black, white WHITE, none of that grey stuff in between.


When we’ve spoken previously is seems ancestry, landscape, species, vintage craft, and the different versions of yourself are important through lines in your work.  Can you share a bit about that?
I’ve always been a sponge to my environment and the most key things that have affected my work has definitely been my family history and heritage, one spent mostly on the coast not too far from a beach.


You are known for and self-identify as a linework artist, why is this?
Anyone who knows me knows I have a nonstop running mind, so these extremely minimalist expressions force me to really calm my mind and focus it.  I like finding the beauty in the naked rawness of a subject and challenge myself to speak on many levels without all the noise and with as little as possible.  More often than not, these lines are one continuous line which represents how I've experience life, being continuous, and ever flowing, well until it isn't. I hope for the viewer to provoke a quiet way to feel different emotions, to encourage people to slow down, and really take mind of every minute curve and turn of the line before forming its final subject matter.


Tell us about this new body of work you are creating for our show?
The illustrations are inspired by some of my fondest memories exploring Washington and my newfound love for horseback riding.  The work will be framed in vintage wooden pieces which represent my soul – old, handcrafted, well-made while the my youthful spirit infuse these traditional found pieces through the stories of my illustrations. 
To breathe life and become a part of a well-crafted piece of art can only enrich my own expression, as well as welcome it to then find a new home, using art and commerce to bridge the lives and lines of 3 complete strangers from the past, present and future.


How do you want to be in the world as an artist?
I hope that my art can simply breathe just a little bit of peace into anyone's life, whether it be for just for a moment or forever. 
Hoa's CURA show opens March 13th - come join us for an opening reception at 5pm- 7pm.

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