May18th, 2023

Let’s read! 

We’re partnering again with the Remake Seattle Community to bring you a summer event series full of joy and optimism. Last year, we gathered together to talk about our anxiety around the connection between climate change and our closets - guided in meditation from Laura Knaub and passages from A Guide to Eco-Anxiety by Anouchka Grose. This year, we will follow that discussion up by reading Climate Optimism by Zahra Biabani and meeting local makers as well as the author herself for an evening of empowered conversation.

Save the Dates

June 22nd: Dan McLean

July 20th: Victoria Contreras

August 24th: Ming-Ming Tung Edelman

September 21st: Zahra Biabani

Sign up today by sending us an email here to receive the reading list along with weekly journal prompts and special shopping discounts. We will read for 8 weeks, starting on May 22nd and ending on July 10th. There are 10 copies reserved at Elliot Bay Book Company. Purchase in-store for a 10% discount. Please reference the Remake Seattle Community and The Cura Co. Book Club.