December 06, 2019 2 min read

Our gallery features the work of female artists only, loudly & on purpose.  Inequity in the fine arts is as real as it is anywhere else. CURA is here to talk about it and to actively change the paradigm. Women's economic independence is the shortest path to saving the world & until we're on greater economic footing than men we'll continue to live under patriarchal rule.

It is that simple.  

This declaration, a founding tenant of our business model, has brought a energy to CURA that's hard to describe, but it feels right in line with being in a gallery of Michelle Robinson's original paintings. 

Michelle's powerful feminine hand, command of her discipline, innate understanding of form & geometry imparts a spiritual sense of knowing, an equilibrium; a certainty that we're on the right path. I say this because of my own experience with the work, but I also have the privilege as a gallery owner, to watch people interact with her paintings. There's a simultaneous calm, a spark of joy you see in the viewer experiencing her work, especially women.  Maybe it's that Michelle is speaking directly to our common ancestral wisdom. Maybe it makes us feel more understood, protected, at home. Whatever it is, I promise you that she's telling us to come together in the divine feminine, that our collective energy is to fuel the revolution.

Art that has stood the test of time does not require academic analysis.  Like music, visual art is a universal language which brings our common humanity together.  Sometimes we need to understand it and sometimes we just need to be in a room with it to hear it’s message & know it's magic.

"Michelle Robinson, is a self-taught artist based in Seattle, WA. Her unique aesthetic is guided by symmetry and exhibits clean lines and formal parallels. Her intricate and minimal compositions, which emulate monuments and statues, radiate strength and power. Michelle conveys the human condition through her compositional choices and use of color. Through her disciplined application of gold leaf, she references the noble metal’s properties: purity, resilience, and resistance to tarnishing. These alchemical associations heighten the sense of immortality already exuding from her stoic structures, remind us of our own mortality"

Her solo show runs through January 17th and 20% Holiday promotional discount until Dec. 28.  Discount code is MM20.