June 16, 2021 3 min read

"Kiko Recommends" is back!! Ourfounder's round up of inspiration, opinions, ideas and resources... curated just for you.  

This edition's focus is on the work of a few AAPI folx, who we like to remind all, including ourselves, deserve to be seen and celebrated all year round, not just in May.

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Designer Selina Sanders - From Laoag City in the Philippines, now California based designer Selena Sander's upcycled tea towel tops have us truly shook (as the kids say.) Selena specializes in turning tea towels, quilts, and table runners into colorful and downright charming puff-sleeve topsbutton-up shirts, and sun dresses.“I love creating something that uplifts its original intention.” -Selena Sanders.  (Truth is I've recommended her before, but she just keeps refining and creating more brilliant work.) Get to know more about her on this wonderful episode of the Conscious Chatter Podcast


Black Crane designed by Momoko Suzuki  - Because I simply couldn't pick one. Japanese born designer duo Momoko Suzuki & Alexander Yamaguchi have had us swooning for years and are personal favorites. Artful & ethical, slow fashion OGs, thier modern, yet timeless sillouettes and natural fabrics embody living your values, beautifully. Learn more about Momoko Suzuki's line Black Crane in this Vogue article


Music Deb Never (New School) - Deb Never. When I was in my late teens and early 20s I dreamt of being a singer song writer, and if I had the ability to mash up my love of beats, ballads, truth telling and pretty female vocals, I would have created the 90s version of Deb Never.  Her music is everything I wanted to be, but didn’t have the chops for, she on the other hand has it in spades.




Music (legend)  Money Mark Money Mark might not need an introduction, but just in case…The Beastie Boys will forever be a part of my DNA and Money Mark’s collaborations with them are definitive sound track of my youth. He just keeps on keeping on ,now in his 60s he is an activist, interesting, interested and full of curiosity, a testament to the idea that age is a state of mind. Big, big fan forever and always Bonus- his instagram is fun and this recent NPR interview is too. 



Fine Art Sherry Ying - Chinese born now Seattleite Sherry Ying Ruden's rice paper collage art is something to behold. Been stalking her Instagram for some time, hoping she might agree to show her work at Cura, cross your fingers.


Intersectional feminist  Evelyn Nam- Multi-ivy league educated oppression scholar of @herspectivefeminist is schooling us right now, hurry and follow her and tell all, but especially cisgendered men. This brilliant young educator and advocate for smashing the patriarchy has an approach that is urgent, supportive with a great sense of humor, is of the times and a crystal ball, or a feminist futurist, imho. 





 Civil Rights Org AAPI women lead As an Asian American woman I continue to learn so much from the @aapiwomenlead insta. From history to action, to solidarity to inspiration I go here on the regular. Social media at its best is a place to share what you know and learn from those who know. 



Writer Cathy Park Hong- I’m still in it, but so far this  collection of seven essays by poet Cathy Park Hong is like looking in a mirror and really seeing my AAPI friends for the first time - "Minor Feelings: An Asian American Reckoning" Read this New Yorker article for a glimpse and do yourself a favor and buy the book here.


arlo grey restaurant


Chef Kristin Kish-  Say hello to our Top Chef crush Kristin Kish. Born in Seoul and raised in Michigan this brilliant talent was hands down my fav chef on reality TV many moons ago. She  recently opened an acclaimed restaurant in Austin with her wife that is now on my bucket list and in the interim she has a magnificent cookbook, where both her artistry and vulnerability shine. Highly recommend.

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