Kiko Recommends 10.6.22

My round of inspiration, opinions, ideas and resources... curated just for you.

Breath Better -It will change your life.  7-8-4 by Dr. Andrew Weil M.D.

A creative endeavor - Natural dyes & harvesting summer flowers. Prophet of Bloom is one to watch. 

Art to see - Seattle based Moses Sun returns to the Malone Gallery @ Museum of Museums with a new algorithm of Hollaback to the Future – a group exhibition exploring Afrofuturism, as told through painting, photography, digital art and installation.


To Listen and see - Morcheeba is in town on October 17th my friends, get your tickets asap.

To Drink - Autumn happy hour orange wine tasting surrounded by @JenAments beautiful mural and really rad lady owners.  La Dive wine shop.

To Expand - The inimitable Brenée Brown  Atlas of the Heart guides us through the language required to fully live and evolve. (Audio book or the series on Atlas of the Heart on HBO.)

To Laugh - Binge watch Chloe Hilliard's Instagram reels . Hilarious and super smart

To Wear - The Masako Dress, available in just a few more hand created patterns and upcycled colors....