March 20, 2020 2 min read

“Solitude is a catalyst for innovation” - Susan Cain 

Let’s come together and learn to innovate in this time of uncertainty.  We’ve never experienced this sort of isolation and uncertainty before. Many of us are filled with fear, anxiety & loneliness. How do we come to terms with our emotions during this time? How can we embrace change and use it to our advantage? Can we take this time to reassess what & how we create in our life? 


Many of the systems we’ve been living under are not working and it takes an event such as this to open us up to the idea of what is possible. History is full of magnificent creations that came from times of catastrophe. We are learning how to think differently right now. 

Instead of seeing the future as a worst-case scenario, can you open up to the possibility of a positive change? 

Join Esther Loopstra for this free, one and a half hour workshop in which you will learn: 

  • The science behind mindfulness, meditation and intuitive & creative thinking 
  • Easy and fun creative exercises to open up your mind to new possibilities 
  • How to get into the flow of life 
  • Get out of the loop of negative thinking 
  • Experiment with out of the box thinking and innovative solutions 


March 24th 

11 am - 12:30pm • Pacific Time 

CURA Zoom Room


  • Scratch paper, drawing paper or a sketchbook 
  • Pen and / or marker 
  • Journal (optional) 

 Register here

If you can’t make it to the virtual event, a link to the recording will be sent to you via my newsletter. 

About Esther Loopstra: 

Helping others create more success and freedom in their lives is at the core of what brings Esther joy. She has been a working artist for 13 years and has taught art and creativity for 9 years. After going through her own process of finding her flow, she loves to teach about creative concepts like the flow state, intuition and curiosity and how they can connect us to our purpose and help us live a life of fulfillment."