April 15, 2020 4 min read

If you've had the good fortune of continuing to work while in quarantine, you've likely gone from zero to sixty managing your work life (and maybe social life) with Zoom.  Zoom this miracle of modern technology however, did not come with instructions on how to look your best and perform well while working and living in the same place. So after some weeks of trial and error we've settled on the 6 most effective tips to maximize your WFH Zoom game.

Tip#1 Mute yourself when not speaking.

It’s just the right thing to do. I’ve heard all sorts of crazy in the background, like a TV show with bedroom noises coming from it, at least I’m assuming it was TV….

Tip#2 Natural light is your friend. 

Direct overhead light casts shadows on you, causing a not so nice hung-over look. And if back lite you disappear and MIA is not good for business.  If possible position yourself close to a window, but not directly in front of it. If this isn't an option people swear by ring lights. (Kate, our COO having been a professional model mentions the magic of the ring light often, though it's worth noting she doesn't actually have one because she's naturally glowy all the time, but we love her anyway.)  If you're going to purchase a ring light try to source a used one first. Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Next Door or Offer-up are easy, quick searches. (***See below to do this safely while social distancing***) If resale is not an option we encourage you to shop small and avoid Amazon. Their stock is soaring under quarantine, they don’t need your business, but small businesses do.

Tip #3 Elevate your screen so the camera is slightly above you

Looking down increases the odds of double chins and can distort your face. If you have a laptop stack it on some books or a shelf stand. This may mean you need a separate keyboard if you attend a lot of meetings, but having one is actually better for your wrists than a laptop keyboard so it's a good move overall. Again, try buying used before buying new.


Tip #4 Take extra good care of your skin from here on out, both IRL and virtually it really does make a difference. 

Add in a brightening mask once a week, like our newest brightening mask from Alder, or make your own Spirulina and Honeymask for a zero waste option. ***See below for recipe*** Add a facial oil/serum if it isn’t already in your routine.Oil gives your skin fresh and dewey appearance. We love Noto's deep serum oil here or 100% Argan Oil works wonders too. (Mine is from Trader Joe's)

Tip #5  Low maintenance, minimal make-up goes a long way on screen. 

My practice is mascara, spot-cover up, Noto hydra—highlighter and Noto ono-ono  lip and cheek stain.  Obsessed with these products for their organic ingredients, subtle shine, natural lip and gender inclusive mission. 

Tip #5  Wear earrings always, no exception.

And the bigger the better frankly. Statement earrings are like putting on make-up without the effort, they really cover a multitude of sins. And while we encourage you to get dressed each day in some of our favorite, ethical apparel brands like Tonle or Osei- Duroif it's one of those days that requires a sweatshirt or t shirt or moonlighting pjs, a statement earring is just the right contrast. We're carrying several new styles from Pichulik South Africa, a brand where the artful and ethical are in perfect harmony.
***Pro-tip A
Kate recommends keeping a bowl with a few pairs by your computer, I'm actually starting to leave all my goods by the computer, make-up oil. etc.
***Pro-tip B
Necklacesand scarves are good to switch it up as well and if you decide not to brush your hair it's ok we get it, just pull it back, top knot it with a scrunchie, or big it up, make it look intentionally messy.

Tip # 6 What's behind you matters.

Consider your background as your outfit completer. Move a plant into view or position yourself in front of a wall with art or a tapestry you love. Kate has been placing fresh, locally sourced tulips behind her and they really light up her frame. 
So there you have it, we hope you find it useful. As always we're here to make it easier on you. Sending love and perfect zoom lighting your way.

--CURA cliff-notes--

 DIY- Spirulina and Honey Mask

1 tablespoon of Manuka Honey or any raw honey and 1 teaspoon of pure spirulina powder. Mix ingredients into a smooth paste. Apply an even layer to freshly cleansed skin. Leave mask on for 15-20 minutes or until dry then rinse clean. 

Best practices for Craigslist while social distancing

 To safely manage transactions while social distancing use venmo or paypal and agree ahead of time to a "leave on your porch exchange".  Just remember to sanitize the goods before using.  Also, Offer-up has a protective escrow system so if you find a deal and have it sent to you through their platform you're protected if something is off.

Flowers for a Cause 

If you're local to the Central District in Seattle we've just joined a flower delivery CSA designed  to support our local flower farmers since much of their business has been shuttered too. I mean flowers delivered to your home while also making an impact? Check. Done.

Sign up here.


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