Cura Fall Moon Notes

It's October & 80 degrees in a hazy fog by wildfire, not the usual Autumn wrapping fog we're accustomed to here in the PNW. And while we're enjoying this mild weather (minus the smoke), it's a bit confusing TBH.  Nature and its cycles usually signal when we should switch from iced coffees to warm pumpkin lattes. Are you reaching for your fall boots and cozy knits despite the warm weather, like we are? 

Well, the good news is, Fall is the season for introspection, not just changing colors and cooling weather. It's nature's time for us to go inward, to integrate the action from summer.  

For us at Cura, this summer Laura Knaub joined our team, not only our marketing manager, but our resident kundalini yogi  & breathwork expert, and here she shares recommendations for Fall mantras and self-care, warm weather notwithstanding. 

Cura Moon Notes. Spooky Aries Hunter Full Moon Seattle October 2022 Space Needle wildfires smokey sky by Chirayu Desai

Spookey Full Moon as it rises above smokey skies over the Emerald City by Chirayu Desai

Think of this season as the time to sink into your cells, where the fertile soil of your being can regenerate. 

At this very moment, the fire element is in the air (it's Libra season) with the full moon in Aries just behind us & eclipse season showing up, it's a time for purification, and releasing. 

Honor your own needs, your inner fire.

Watch a candle burn and meditate on the Magic of I. moon illumination: ‘I sit comfortably with myself in solitude. To know myself is the truest form of friendship’

It's also the shedding season, (which can be scary) vulnerability is like nudity, both intimidating and beautiful. Remember, people want to meet the authentic you. If shedding sounds like what you are going through or need to, I suggest this mantra: "All these things can happen but I'm going to do it anyway". 

All cyclical transitions are an opportunity to assess our inner balance, the difference right now is that Libra season multiplies this by 10. 

To ensure you're protecting your inner balance use 3 key self-care indicators: 

Check-in with your energy, your nervous system and your physical body.

Think about your energy. 

What energy do you have and what energy do you give? At Cura, we're looking at decision-making energy loss. Double-bind is actually real trauma. So we're intentionally choosing to make quick, informed decisions. Analysis paralysis be gone! We're practicing trust in ourselves and a deep knowing that we are here for each other. 

Be thoughtful about your breathing and your joy through movement. 

This is how you take care of your central nervous system. Breathing intentionally and dancing regularly keeps the doctor away... It's liberating, effective and healthy.  

Be aware of your physical body.

Are you moving enough? Did you take a walk or better yet a moonwalk? Are you aware of your circadian rhythm? 

Are you eating with intention and mindfulness?

Fall is a time for earthy, grounding foods (rice, beans, squash, sweet potatoes,...) We're obsessed with preparing these foods in the gorgeous and functional  Chamba casserole dishes

Also, Dry Brushing first thing in the morning is our new morning ritual. Blood circulation kick + lymphatic flow. Try it, your chi will be awakened.

Midday, treat yourself to a break and have a Copina Matcha for an energetic boost.

And always rest to resist. We're gearing up for a very intense Eclipse season, buckle up, slow down, go inward and take good care of you! You can't pour from an empty cup. Hoping we can help you fill yours.

All the love, 

The Cura Team

Cura Moon Notes. Chamba Imports colombian black clay casserole with grounding roasted carrots meal.