Cura Moon Notes November

Are you ready to dive into the deep emotional waters of the Scorpio season? This month the moon cycles provide so much opportunity for growth.

The harvest of Libra is now behind us and we're entering the deep reflective season. This transition is annually marked by many familiar spiritual traditions, Halloween, Samhain, Dia de los Muertos, it is understood to be the period where the veil is thin between the spirit world and the earthly world. These rituals are intended to access and honor our ancestors. Even if only in your heart, slow down and create an alter to your ancestors, pay reverence, consciously and then look for the signs, notice the opportunities and messages that connect with your lineage. 

Did you know the tarot card for Scorpio is the death card? Death is a forward motion, a cleansing. Take this time to look at your shadows. What old beliefs, patterns, relationships, ways of being are no longer serving you? What needs to die in your life?  Embracing your shadows, helps to uncover the sparkle of what truly makes you alive and aligned. Then ask without judgement. What brings you joy? What is your special gift?

Once you stake claim to your power, your gifted inner fire is the fuel you'll need to initiate powerful transformation. And know the full moon in Taurus Eclipse provides a certain stillness for you to seek your truth. All the leaves you're losing now are making space for the abundant, beautiful spring if you honor the cyclical nature of your life. 

Trust that eclipse portals pull us into closer alignment with our truth, even if it doesn't feel like it in the midst of moving parts and heavy hearts. Spend more time being, as opposed to doing. Allow yourself to feel all the feelings.  Face the discomfort. The more you see yourself and accept yourself the more abundance you will attract. The promise of this Scorpio journey is to find the light and messages in the dark, it is your personal portal into renewal. 

Leaving you with the Sa ta Na Ma Kirtan Kryia, an ancient yogic mantra, 

the literal meaning  is SA: Infinity, TA: Life, NA: Death, MA: Rebirth. This mantra translates to shedding the old you, and becoming who you were meant to be; your true self.  Until next moon cycle, Listen to Kriya here.

By Laura Knaub

Mujer Sobre Piedra acrylic on canvas by Hilda Palafox contemporary mexican artist

Mujer Sobre Piedra by Hilda Palafox