Robyn's Gift Guide

I know I’m not alone in my exhaustion of the social media game; the hype, the drama, it’s real. But there's also undeniable magic in tech algorithms. And as a small business occasionally the magic comes in discovering a talent or a partner who not only aligns with your values and vision, but also helps you in ways you didn't know you needed.  Which is exactly what happened when we discovered Robyn from ECHO+SCRIBE. It was the summer of 2021 and I was exhausted (to put it mildly.)  The endless to do list and general weight of the world were blocking me and suddenly Robyn showed up. She promptly took some of the weight away, sprinkled her words smithing gifts and her energetic light on Cura in the nick of time.  Fast forward to now, she continues to shine light on us, (#luckymagicagain)  having just published a pretty deep interview with me with a bonus Cura insider gift guide curated by her.  If you have a few moments to spare and would  like to know a little more about what keeps me going, what get's in my way, what I've learned, I share a lot in this interview. And if you're looking for gift ideas curated by a purpose driven lover of words, poet really,  please check out her gift guide below.



Robyn LeRoy-Evans is a Buffy The Vampire Slayer superfan and founder of ECHO+SCRIBE, where she writes personality-led copy for biz owners & brands that give a damn about the power and influence of their words. 

Her approach to copywriting is centered on bringing the true you to the forefront in fun, out-of-the-coffin ways, while amplifying your message so you can make a bigger impact. 

She lives in Bvlbancha with her 2 kiddos and fur babies.

Robyn's Gift Guide:

1. Masako Blouse by Cura, in red. Designed by Kiko herself, here's a pop of color that'll get heads turning!

2. 80s Suede & Wool Batwing Cardigan. All the vintage pieces Kiko and her team find for Cura Found are STUNNING. This cardigan is everything. 

3. Orange Blossom & Vetiver Candle. For these scented beauts, Cura Collection Candles collabs with Prosperity Candle - a social enterprise that supports refugees and women artisans through candle-making.

4. Calypso Earrings by Pichulik, an ethical atelier based in Cape Town, South Africa. In love with this feminine pair named after the pre-Olympian goddess imbued with the powers of seduction, transformation, and immortality.

5. Busted Ceramics by Kelsey Malone. Those that have seen my artist side will know how I'm always drawn to any celebration of the body. These busty bosoms are a delight! 

6. Tonlé Pillow Case. Obsessed with this monochromatic look by the zero-waste, ethical fashion brand. Tonlé believes every thread matters and that style is more than what you wear - it's what you choose to be a part of. 

7. Multi-Bene Stain Pot in Oscillate by Noto. Big fan of simplicity when it comes to makeup. (hello, #MamaLife!) If you're in the same canoe, this gorgeous multi-use make-up by female-founded NOTO is just what you need.

8. This Matters BLM Power Pendant. 100% of profits from this collar between Cura & Boma Jewelry go to Lavender Rights Project - a non-profit elevating the power, autonomy, & leadership of the Black intersex & gender diverse community through intersectional legal advice. How inspiring is that?!

Happy mindful shopping, friends!