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The collaborative collection is designed to fund grassroots organizations in the pursuit of racial justice and equity. Proceeds will directly support college funds for BIPOC student activists Delanie Seals and Izzy Miller. 


Seattle, WA / February 1, 2021 - In the immediate aftermath of George Floyd’s death in May of 2020, long time friends and business associates Akiko Waters of The Cura Co. and Suzanne Vetillart of Boma Jewelry, knew it was time to use their business platforms to dismantle systems of racism and redistribute wealth. 

Six months later, the duo has released their first gender inclusive sustainable jewelry collection designed to recognize and redistribute funding for community organizations in support of Black lives. 100% of the profits from the capsule collection will support the Black College Matters fund by Save Your VI, a  non-profit organization dedicated to advocacy for Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Specifically, proceeds from “This Matters” will support the college education of BIPOC activists Delanie Seals and Izzy Miller.


Izzy and Delanie madenational  headlines last spring when they fought to change a discriminatory school policy barring African head-wraps from being worn at school.These courageous young women led a grassroots campaign that got them suspended from school for wanting to express their cultural heritage. Eventually, they won the right for all students to wear cultural headwraps at school to ensureall BIPOC attend schools free from discrimination and harassment, as Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 guarantees. In addition, Izzy and Delanie organized multiple Black Lives Matter protests in their community and continue to urge their city council in Byng, OK to designate Juneteenth as a paid holiday.  Cura Co. & Boma are honored to support these remarkable young leaders pursue the education they deserve. 

The collection includes a BLK Power Pendant featuring a raised fist, a “Say Their Names” slogan necklace, and a raised fist “Power Signet” ring. All items are available in sterling silver and Brass. “This Matters” is available for purchase exclusively throughCura Co. andBoma Jewelry for a limited-time only. Prices start at $50 for pendant necklaces and range up to $130 for signet rings. 

About The Cura Co.

From fashion to home goods and health, The Cura Co. creates an intentional connection between producer and consumer in pursuit of a more equitable, beautiful world. Female-forward with social impact at its core, The Cura Co. is more than a brand- it’s a conscious lifestyle.https://thecuraco.com/

About Boma Jewelry

Boma Jewelry is a leading social purpose corporation that is focused on providing unparalleled quality and transparency for its customers and partners. Through its vertically-integrated supply chain and 40 years of experience creating fine jewelry and cultivating artisanship among its employees, Boma demonstrates that being profitable, respectful ofl its people, and conscious of its environmental impact is achievable when long-term goals are prioritized over short-term gains.https://www.bomajewelry.com/


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