April 29th - World Dance Day

Hey, hey it’s World Dance Day—and our month of cleaning, clearing, mending, and paring down is coming to an end. So, just wondering … want to celebrate with us? You can have an all-day dance part at your house and we’ll have an all-day dance party at our house—Cura HQ, that is—and we can all finish up those decluttering tasks and maybe lather up another layer of shine here and there. 

Of course, if you’d like to come by and top it all off with a high five and booty shake or two, we’d love to see you!

As far as soundtracks go, may we recommend a Spotify favorite appropriately titled Housewerk, featuring @lpgiobbi and @bklava—the dance music icons pictured here. 

No Spotify? No problem, just search YouTube or any other music platform for tracks by those aforementioned babes and/or femme DJs and EDM makers like @emilynashofficial and @marydroppinz

Or really, whatever moves you—in fact, what does move you? Put your best dance foot forward and come play us a song!