January 20th, 2023

Cura's very own marketing manager shares her 5 clean beauty favs for nurturing your winter skin and spirit!!

Hi there Cura Community! 

Laura here 👋🏼  You could say I'm a skin-care, self-care, clean beauty buff. While I'm very lucky to live in the PNW where the natural moisture in the air actually protects my skin in the colder temps, no matter where one lives, we still need to adopt a winter skincare practice. Plus, caring for myself with intention is an all year round ritual I love to practice. An opportunity to slow down, drop into my body, protect my skin and nurture my spirit. If you could use a little inspiration on how to do this here is my 5-step winter beauty practice:

1. Dry Body Brush

I'm obsessed with this morning ritual. Practiced for centuries it's a holistic approach to exfoliating, increasing circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system. Best way to start my day energized, it helps me jump into a cold shower. 

2. Bloom Body Butter ILERA Apothecary 

Body moisturizing pamper your skin health with this tropical body butter made with lavender and rose. Your skin will THANK YOU!! It can look funky each time you open it, because it's pure Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter. Just take a second to mix it before application.

3. Gua Sha

I make Gua Sha massaging my face a mindfulness ritual before bed, inspired by the many reels & TikTok tutorial videos out there! Committing to this practice has improved my skin appearance, for real + I love massaging my tense jaw muscles. Bonus, it promotes lymphatic drainage.

4. Under Aurora Coconut Oil Spray

Obsessed. The Coconut Oil Spray by Under Aurora is divine. Made from 100% plant botanicals. I absolutely love using it everywhere, my hair, my skin, it's not greasy at all. After you take a shower or bath, spray it generously all over, your winter hair and skin will drink up this magic potion! 

5. Maude Vibe

Self-pleasure is self-care. 

What? All the parts of our body deserve care and attention! And would you believe it is good for your skin? Possibly, even promote collagen production. Learn more here. So I carve some time to indulge in self-exploration and pleasure..., and I recommend that you do the same...

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