Women We Love: JeLisa Marshall and her mom Mineola Marshall

As part of our month-of-matriarchy, we invited two sets of our favorite mom-and-daughter pairs into the studio for a photo series and interview. We're sharing the images and more on Instagram all month long but meanwhile, here's a slightly deeper dive into who these phenomenal women are. 

"I admire my mother due to her fierce loyalty, and the amount of love that she puts into every single thing she creates." - JeLisa Marshall

Who JeLisa is: This Seattle-based former product developer is currently in graduate school and, lucky for you, works as a style consultant. In all things, she approaches her work with a serious dedication to truth transparency, and transformation. JeLisa lives the slow fashion ethic by working with clients, colleagues, and collaborators to examine wants, needs, desires, habits, trends and more-so they can break them down, take them apart, and find ways to do better for themselves and for the planet.

What we love about JeLisa: JeLisa made a personal commitment to change the industry and the world by connecting with her community and meeting people where they're at-and helping them move forward. Slow fashion, indeed-but/and, that's the kind of smart, sustainable, authentic empowerment that truly makes a difference. Please check out her work at thestylistway.com. Of course, we also love JeLisa's style and the cool, wise vibe she carries with her everywhere she goes. 

What JeLisa loves about her mom: "I admire my mother due to her fierce loyalty, and the amount of love that she puts into every single thing she creates.

What JeLisa loves about Cura: "First of all, Kiko is amazing. She lent an ear and hand during a time when it felt like I was shouting and sinking into the abyss. Second of all, anything she designs is amazing. Cura is a magical space where community, clothing, and creativity collide."

"I love my oldest daughter's heart, spirit, and laughter." - Mineola Marshall

Who Mineola is: A former physical education teacher, she's now a family child care director. 

What we love about Mineola: That confidence! That grace and poise! Those glasses! Mineola's presence fills the room with a grounded, good-natured calm. She made us want to raise up and be our best selves even for the few hours we spent with her at the photoshoot. It's easy to see where JeLisa gets her power and heart-and we love Mineola for that, too.

What Mineola loves about her daughter: "I love my oldest daughter's heart, spirit, and laughter."

What Mineola loves about Cura: "I love Cura because the clothes are comfortable and fit my body type."

As seen on Mineola the Masako Midi-Dress in Olive paired with the Caralarga Nubi Maxi Earrings / Tomoko Bell Sleeve Midi-Dress in Royal Green

JeLisa wears the Tomoko Jumpsuit in Pencil Stripe paired with the Caralarga Sak Earrings / Naoko Tunic in Pajama Stripe paired with Cura Collection Denim + Rover & Kin Wood Triad Earrings