Women We Love: Liz Tran and her mom Diane Burt

As part of our month-of-matriarchy, we invited two sets of our favorite mom-and-daughter pairs into the studio for a photo series and interview. We're sharing the images and more on Instagram all month long but meanwhile, here's a slightly deeper dive into who these phenomenal women are. 

"I love her willingness to try new things, to help others and her ability to create beauty via her garden, her weaving and more." - Liz Tran

Who Liz is: As an artist and an integral member of the art community in Seattle and beyond, Liz brings the whole of the universe onto a canvas and/or into a room and helps us see ourselves inside it. She talks about a place where the inner-verse meets the outer-verse, and ... well, we're feeling it! So are many esteemed galleries, museums, fellowship programs and more; Liz's paintings, sculptures, and installations are highly regarded and highly collected. You should check out liztran.com!

What we love about Liz: The psychedelic and earthy tones of Liz's work could inspire many an outfit, sure, but it's Liz's vision for community and art-for-all that color us obsessed. (Check out Vibrant Palette, where Liz serves on the board.)

What Liz loves about her mom: "I love her willingness to try new things, to help others and her ability to create beauty via her garden, her weaving and more."

What Liz loves about Cura: "Cura is beautifully curated and carries brands that I feel good about supporting, I would, and do, pitch Cura as an ethical brand that is true to its word."

Moon Phases-First Quarter by Liz Tran follow her work on Instagram @liztranstudios

Who Diane is: Diane spent her career working with and developing programs for special needs kids. She is a master gardener, weaver, and artist who has collaborated with Liz on art installations. She is now retired and spends a lot of her time caring for her twin grandbabies. She loves the beach.

What we love about Diane: Watching Diane and Liz interact at our photoshoot was like a cross between seeing two best friends at summer camp and, well, maybe a mother-daughter pair of your favorite adorable animals in nature. Diane's eyes tracked Liz's movements - not because she was going to direct her or "mother" her, but because she was simply curious, interested and proud of how she moved through the day. Well, we also love that silvery cropped hair of hers.

What Diane loves about Liz: "Where do I start? I love her curiosity to learn and understand the world through travel; her passion for life and art; how she has bravely pursued and grown her career as an artist; her kindness, generosity and support to others; the love and caring she has for her and her family and friends; her intelligence; her perseverance through difficult times; and, I love and appreciate the many things I have learned from her and about her, from the day she was born. She is truly a blessing in my life."

What Diane loves about Cura: "I enjoy seeing the collection of clothing, jewelry, and other very interesting items in the store. My favorite purchase is a pillowcase that is woven strips of indigo and white cotton fabric. The quality of the piece is exceptional, as is true for all I have seen at Cura."

As seen on Liz the Masako Midi-Dress in a limited edition blue palette ethically dyed with camellia petals paired with Rover & Kin Horn Essential Hoops / The Naoko V Neck Dress in Black and Gigi Grey Leather Earrings by Haiti Design Co.

Diane wears an exclusive Masako Midi-Dress ethically dyed with camellia flower petals by her daughter Liz and founder Akiko Waters + Wood Mango Statement Hoops by Rover & Kin.