This Matters Power Signet Ring by Cura x Boma

Cura & Boma jewelry are proud to present "This Matters" a limited edition collaborative jewelry collection designed to fund on the ground organizations in the pursuit of racial justice and redistribution.

5/8" wide chunky signet ring

Available in Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Vermeil brass

100% of the profit from this collection will support the Black College Matters campaign by Save Your VI, a  non-profit organization dedicated to advocacy for Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, with the specific raise to support the college education of BIPOC activists Delanie Seals and Izzy Miller. 

"The signet ring was used as long ago as 3500 BC. Records show the people of Mesopotamia used the cylindrical seals as marks of authenticity. The signet rings were the signature of the family crest, used as a stamp, or to sign a document.  Some of the most important documents in history have been stamped with a signet ring."  The raised fist has a long history as an expression of unity, strength, defiance, and resistance. Now ubiquitous with the Black Lives Matter movement and a generation's fight for justice and equity for Black and Brown lives, we created this ring to be a universal family crest for those committed to the pursuit of racial justice.


Sterling Silver
14k gold over brass vermil