About CURA


At CURA we aim to create a more equitable, beautiful world through the design and curation of art & objects, accessories & apparel with human stories to tell.

We are a conscious lifestyle brand, which means that we source products with purpose.

We put artistry, social impact and sustainability above all else.

At CURA, you'll feel right at home if you:

  • are a little obsessed (or a lot) with art & design
  • believe the manufacturing of consumer goods must not exploit people or mother earth
  • seek the origin stories of the items you surround yourself with

We promise that:

  • we'll create a space for communing, discovering and sharing how to be a global citizen of impact
  • our goods will be both CHIC and ethical
  • anything we design, any brand or person we align with is working toward a greater good

CURA is an extension of my values as a creative, my spirit and my home. I hope you feel all sorts of welcome and inspired here!

Please reach out on insta DM @cura_collective, email kiko@thecuraco.com, or even better, come visit the gallery. We can hang, chat and discover new ways to make our world more equitable and more beautiful!



"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better" - Maya Angelou (of course!)



Our guiding principles

1. Consumers, through their purchases, cast a vote about the world they want to live in

2. Women supporting women is the fastest route to worldwide equity

3. Celebrating creativity, beauty and real human stories heals

4. Traditional craft techniques and the wisdom of indigenous cultures are worth preserving

5. Fairtrade and transparency are non-negotiable

6. Slower is better, and less is more

7. Reuse is the most sustainable act 



Cura Co

2407 E Union St, Suite D
Seattle, WA 98122