Our Brand Values

  • We are a social enterprise where the business of fashion and lifestyle is a vehicle for positive change and a force for justice.   
  • We value the intersection of artistry and equity. We put sustainability, impact sourcing, and artistry above all else. 
  • We envision a world where mass production & the exploitation of people and planet is a thing of the past. Where ethical practices, environmental sustainability and collaborative kindness is the most basic norm.
  • We believe in the exponential power of community. Cura is a collective. Whether we're hosting a mindfulness workshop or collaborating with local and international artisan partners; we're here to serve every dimension of our value chain.
  • We know if we inform, dedicate space, and build opportunity, our collective can change the world. 

Our Guiding principles

  • Women supporting women is the fastest route to worldwide equity
  • Healing is found in the celebration of creativity, beauty, and authentic human story
  • Traditional craft techniques and the wisdom of indigenous cultures must be honored and preserved.
  • “Fair trade” isn’t enough; radical transparency is the standard
  • Slower is better, and less is more
  • Environmental justice and social justice are inextricable
  • Reuse is the most sustanable act