Slow fashion designer, founder & creative director of CURA.


I'm so honored that you're here and interested in learning a little about me and our origin story. I worked in the corporate fashion world for 16 years before starting Cura, which means I was a witness to - and a participant in - a destructive commercial model, one that failed to align profit with people and planet

After so many years of working in that broken paradigm, I realized I could take what I’ve learned, still do what I love, but create a better option. And now I'm busy at work carefully building an artful, ethical, contemporary, lifestyle brand, my youngest child Cura.

I'm a self identified multi-hyphenate creative I do (and love) a lot of things and there is so much I want to share with you. 

We're still in the beginning, we launched our Seattle boutique and gallery space in March of 2019. And while we had incredible momentum that first year , March of 2020 came. Since then, while the challenges have been vast (ehem), our clarity of purpose has not wavered.


I'm happy to say now almost 3 years later,  CURA designs our own collection of women's apparel and accessories and home goods, we partner with other female founded, mission driven brands from all over the world. We have a distinct contemporary aesthetic and are intent on disrupting the paradigm. Making beautiful, ethical and sustainably sourced goods inclusive, affordable and we hope covetable. 

Our vision and ambition is big. We believe if we do our job effectively, CURA can be a model of commerce as solution. One that responds to the social and environmental injustices of our time.

While we are continually unlearning and adjusting our own biases to the truth and lies of the systems we live within, I pledge to you, CURA will always put people and planet first. 

We won't be perfect and when we make mistakes we will own them and do better. However, you can trust at a minimum, there is a human story and positive impact intrinsic to every product, brand, or person we are aligned with. I give you my word, its why I'm here. x


I'd love to hear from you, if you want to talk sustainable, ethical fashion, design visit us at our Brick & Mortar located in Central District.


Kiko & the Cura team