Our Story


After nearly two decades of working as a fashion and lifestyle designer for mass market brands, my belief in a more equitable and beautiful world compelled me to leave my corporate career. In March of 2019, cloaked in the naivety of a first time social entrepreneur, I officially opened Cura's doors.  Since then, while the challenges have been vast (ehem, 2020), our clarity of purpose has not wavered.

Cura was founded to be a vehicle for you (and me) to live in alignment with our values and passions. A way to cherish design, art, style, spirituality, wellness and a means of dismantling the systemic exploitation, patriarchy and colonialism embedded in the creation and marketing of consumer goods.

Our vision and ambition is big. We believe if we do our job effectively, CURA can be a model of commerce as solution. One that responds to the social and environmental injustices of our time and imparts a collective healing. 

While we are continually unlearning and adjusting our own biases to the truth and lies of the systems we live within, I pledge to you, Cura will always put people & planet first. We won't be perfect. At times, we too inadvertently make mistakes. However, you can trust at minimum, there is a human story and positive impact intrinsic to every product, brand, or person with which we are aligned. Whether a BIPOC female-founded company, a non-profit representing refugee artisans, a maker whose mission is to raise awareness about human trafficking, or simply a fairly priced vintage garment; we filter every business decision through our guiding principles.

If you'd like to connect in order to know more about Cura, or what a conscious lifestyle brand truly is, or feel that you have a product or mission that aligns with ours, please DM @cura_collective, email info@thecuraco.com or come visit the gallery. We'd love to chat or collaborate on ways to make our world a more equitable and beautiful place. 


Kiko & team Cura