A one-stop shop for conscious living. 

We're here to simplify your values-based lifestyle, making it easier to live in a more equitable, beautiful world. CURA seeks the intersections of beauty, art, equity and impact.

Our Brand Pillars


Artistry and integrity.

We design and curate products that embrace a modern point of view while honoring heritage craft and origin stories.



Edit to impact.

From apparel to accessories, home goods to experiences,

you can trust what we offer to make a positive difference.



Compassion begets compassion. 

We reveal the layers of intention & humanity behind our brand because we recognize that transparency informs choice. 

In the words of Maya Angelou, "when you know better, you do better."

Our Brand Values

We are a social enterprisewhere the business of fashion and lifestyle is a vehicle for positive change and a force for justice.   

We value the intersection of artistry and equity.We put sustainability, impact sourcing, and artistry above all else. 

We envision a world where mass production & the exploitation of people and planet is in the past. Where ethical practices, environmental sustainability and collaborative kindness is the most basic norm.

We believe in the exponential power of community. Cura is a collective. Whether we're hosting a mindfulness workshop or collaborating with local and international artisan partners; we're here to serve every dimension of our value chain.

We know if we inform, dedicate space, and build opportunity, our collective effort can change the world. 


We will create space for discovering and cultivating your impact as a global citizen.

Our goods will be CHIC and inclusive.

Our designs, along with any brand or person we endorse, contribute toward a better world.