Caralarga - Nube Maxi Earrings

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Natural nubes for the ears porfavor. Nube translates to clouds and this set was made for us daydreamers. Handmade by artisan women in México and braided to form a divine oval shape.

  • Diameter: 6cm Width: 4cm
  • 100% raw cotton, tinted cotton details, .925 sterling silver hook
  • Ethically handmade in México

Please note that: Each Caralarga is handmade with artisan techniques. Length and small details may vary among the same models. 

Female-founded Caralarga is a Mexican textile design and production workshop that is inspired by a deep love and care for nature. Working hand in hand with artisans, their jewelry is created from raw cotton yarn and textile waste with an intention to preserve ancient and indigenous techniques and artistry.