Eyu Adjustable Bracelet by Fair Anita

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Handmade from recycled bullet casings, the brass beads are a pure metal, and the silver beads are silver-plated.  Features an adjustable slip knot closure. 

There is potential for the silver-plated beads to tarnish over time, depending on their reaction to the pH of your skin.  

Fair Anita is a social enterprise on a mission to create a world where women feel safe, valued, and respected no matter their geography.  Their products are always fair trade, made in ethical working conditions, where female artisan partners are paid 2-3x minimum wage plus health insurance and educational scholarships. Fair Anita’s talented artisan partners carefully design and create all products by hand, and nearly all their products are made from recycled materials.  Their carbon footprint is offset by funding and supporting anti-climate change initiatives.