The Naked Issue Coloring Book by Pen Haus

The Naked Issue Coloring Book inspires creativity and reflection. Encouraging body confidence through words and illustrations by Hoa Le. Utilize this book therapeutically or to bring out your inner child.

  • 25 pages
  • 9 x 12 inches
  • Colored pencils included

Seattle based multidisciplinary artist, designer and poet @Pen-Haus is Hoa Le. Her work in this series explores the beauty of naked rawness. The continuous lines are symbolic of life's ebb and flow reminiscent of her own experiences. Hoa's hope is for the viewer to provoke a quiet way to feel different emotions, to encourage people to slow down and really take mind of every minute curve and turn of the line before forming its final subject matter. Learn more about Hoa in Cura Journal here.