Pichulik - Circe Bracelet

Pichulik's Circe Bracelet references the binding power of magic for which the greek goddess Circe was best known for. Pairs effortlessly with the Panacea Bracelet or Circle Necklace.  

  • 65mm diameter
  • Rope, brass clasps
  • Made in South Africa

PICHULIK is an ethical jewelry, accessories and womenswear atelier based in Cape Town, South Africa. Rooted in Africa, PICHULIK seeks to impart sacred feminine wisdom through its unique and intentional designs. The team is a pan-African group of spirited women who create everything by hand. Every piece is made by a single artist, imbued with her own unique design skill and creative magic. PICHULIK employs and collaborates with women to promote job creation and economic activity in local communities, and to champion and augment women’s earning capacity.