Wood Wick Candles by Prosperity Candle

Wood wick candles inspired by the Burmese women artisans that work with Prosperity candle. With handwritten Burmese symbols, each candle reflects the incredible qualities they brought with them as refugees seeking to build a brighter future for their families in peace. At Cura we love these candles as much as for their wick, their scent and their purpose. 

-  Joy:  Lime Blossom infused with bergamot and tarragon, a floral scent eliciting a sense of joy

- Compassion:  Sandalwood blended with amber and cool moss, evoking feelings of compassion

 Kindness:  Orange blossom mingled with water lily and iris, a gentle scent engendering kindness

-  Gratitude:  Lemon infused with jasmine, cedar and a hint of musk, inspiring a sense of gratitude

- Peace: Tobacco leaf blended with bergamot and notes of cinnamon, clove and amber, creating feelings of peace 

recyclable glass, 3” W x 3” H

Burn time:  about 40 hours