Zuahaza - Salento Pillowcase

The Salento pillow features a reversible weave of weft-floats adding texture and softness. It carries the name of a colorful town in the Quindio region of Colombia. Inspired by colored walls, window frames and flowers, this eclectic design carries the spirit of Salento.

  • 18x18
  • 100% organic cotton, 100% natural dye
  • Ethically made in Colombia

Zuahaza is a social enterprise founded in Colombia that designs and weaves unique home textiles. Embodying collective sisterhood, the women of this team seek to preserve and revitalize traditional craft. A celebration of national heritage and elevating craftsmanship to hold a dignified position within society is the mission of this soulful collaboration.

Indigo and Seaglass
Indigo and Apricot