June 30, 2019 1 min read

Pichulik is a South African jewelry collection. It was another discovery that seems like divine intervention. On a family vacation to to Cape Town in January of 2019, I discovered them, and the instant I laid eyes on their jewelry, I got my phone out and DM'd the founder. Their collections are pieces of art and adornment. Their poetic spiritual inspiration, and their "why", is EVERYTHING a feminist wants from her jewelry.  See below, pulled from their website:

"PICHULIK is an intentional and ethical jewelry, accessories and womenswear brand handcrafted in Cape Town, South Africa

PICHULIK is inspired by the intimate relationships women have with jewelry – it speaks of her travels, her mother or grandmother and the people she has loved.

PICHULIK is handcrafted in Cape Town, South Africa of unusual and locally sourced materials.

PICHULIK celebrates Africa and sees jewelry and ornamentation as a sacred conduit for healing, community and wisdom share. 

If the PICHULIK brand was a person she would have a wicked sense of humour, a strong yet inspired presence. Kind, wise eyes that speak of many journeys through exotic lands-humbled by self-discovery."

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