May 10, 2021 2 min read

It's evident in the streets here in the PNW, that there's a collective sigh of relief that has come with the sunny skies and budding blooms of spring. It's come in the form of vaccines. Most of our friends and family are already 1 shot in, if not fully protected now, and well, it feels really good.  

But, while most of us in the “Global North” are feeling the "light at the end of the tunnel" this is NOT the reality for so many across the globe. We've all seen the horrific headlines from India and we know it's worse than what is being reported.  (We highly recommend you listen to our friend's Manpreet Kalra's podcast to learn more here)

 We've been asking ourselves, our partners and our values driven business community "what can we offer right now in this time where we are being surrounded by so much tragedy? A time where so many of us are feeling shut down after more than a year of so much loss. Could we find a way to offer an experience of real connection during this time of ultimate disconnection, while also actively making a difference?"  So, we along with 7 other brands created this virtual fundraiser, the evening of Friday, May 14th with the intention of coming home to our own bodies and preparing ourselves physically to be able to process and integrate our emotions and perhaps offer some joy and healing in a seriously heavy time, all the while raising much-needed funds to help support garment factory workers who have disproportionately born the brunt of Covid's high price for industry pressures. 

Please see all the details at the link here and note if you can't attend,  you can still support and be automatically entered to win some amazing raffle prizes. First, prize equals $1000 of donated gift cards from all of the amazing participating brands and orgs. (All hyper-linked should you want to learn more about each.)

Dorsu,  Passion Lilie,  Raah Living,  Rover and Kin,  Joyn Bags, and  Remake our World.

Finally, the grand prize is an all expense paid educational trip to Cambodia, sponsored by tonle and Cura.  We really hope to see you, hold space for you and stand in solidarity together.
We'll also be supporting an effort to get oxygen concentrators to rural Indian hospitals as well  You can learn more here and donate directly as well.

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