July 17, 2019 3 min read

We opened our brick and mortar 4 months ago and in those 4 months I've met women who have become loyal customers, active clients, business partners and business contributors that very likely will change the course of my life. I will continue to tell you their stories, talk about their impact, as not just a gesture of gratitude, but to set in motion an active, reciprocal field of collaboration.

We will harness the power of these collaborations to drive real change and actively engage in building the world we know we all deserve.

In my first gratitude post, I'd like to  publicly acknowledge and promote the women who offered their professional support in the early days of CURA. These women gave to me freely, they shared their skills and wisdom to simply lend me a hand, no strings attached.

Thank you:

Dona Monroe for helping and believing in me.  Your generosity has never waned, after all these years. You are my sister, forever and always.  The support you gave me, rallying your family and your community reminded me that real sisterhood is beyond space and time. It is infinite.

If you are in need of freelance photography art-direction or contemporary, uber-cool, surface design reach out to her. Check our her website, this woman is hands down one of the hardest working, most gifted humans on earth.

Sung Kokko

You just gave, no expectations, no pressure on return. You embody a purity of spirit and generosity of heart that is one in a million. No wonder you are such a gifted photographer.  If there were ever a Sung-moji, she would be what symbolizes "heart full"

If you are in need of family portrait photography or product photography in the Greater Portland area, hire Sung. Her goodness and her talent will result in deeply personal, joyful photos.

Ruby Somera

I'm so grateful for your faith and wisdom. You have been a consistent reminder that we are the author of our own story. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the layers of gifts you've lavished upon me and CURA.

If you are an entrepreneur in need branding support Ruby, will take you under her wing, refine/define your brand, marketing message and image with easy clarity. Her considerate, intentional nature is a kind of fairy magic. Seriously.

Michelle Robinson

You took a leap of faith with me and helped me realize a dream.  The opportunity to show your work for our grand opening means more than you'll ever know.

In my humble opinion Michelle Robinson is the millennial, WOC urban, spirit daughter of Georgia O'Keefe. Like every woman in my arty girl gang in high school and college Georgia O'Keefe was the artist whose work we dreamed of someday owning. Every woman that I've watched interact with Michelle's work has the same sort of visceral reaction to her artistry.

Reach out to Michelle, follow her on instagram, visit her gallery, buy a piece of her work, then share it far and wide. Be a part of the movement for equity in fine art. More shows in galleries and museums for women starts with each us asking for it and showing the financial power of women artists. 

Laura Merrit

I won't say much more than thank you for being on this journey with me. You serve as a rock and my very first chosen colleague. I see your soul and know I'm blessed to have you on my crew.

If you are interested in Kundalini Yoga, a coach for plant medicine healing or simply are in need of a kick-ass compassionate therapist in Seattle, reach out to Laura. She is so very kind and the quite possibly the least judgmental person you'll ever meet.

Kate Dillion, thank you. I'm so excited for our future partnership and so grateful for your spirit.

Please read the feature about Kate in the link. 

In gratitude:

I thank my friends old and new for your love and laughs, to my business partners, and vendors who inspire me every single day with the powerful, positive impact you make, thank you for allowing CURA to be a part of your journey.

I thank my husband and children, you are the reason I can do all the things, you inspire me and love me unconditionally, for this I am certain you are actually angels.

I thank my Mom. You gave me a fierce perspective on right and wrong, justice and empathy and the truth that love will beat the odds. Your strength has infused itself in every cell of my being. I am because of you.

Until next time, I sit in awe of what has transpired since our launch and in reverence for what is to come.



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